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Ignyt comprises a team of highly qualified and experienced digital marketing professionals with the capacity to deliver on a wide range of marketing projects.

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Why does in-house marketing fall short for many SM?

Undoubtedly, an in-house marketing team can deliver great results when they have a large enough budget to employ a team of highly experienced, skilled marketing professionals. In practice, this ideal is rarely achieved. Particularly in the start-up and early growth phases of a company, marketing duties may often be tacked on to another role, or even completed by the business owner/director whenever they’ve got a free moment. Even if a marketing professional is employed, it’s highly unlikely they’re going to be a seasoned veteran with director-level experience across a variety of organisations. For many smaller organisations, their in-house team


Why outsource the marketing director role or business marketing support and training activities?

Quite simply, you get the best without having to pay for the best – or at least, not directly. The major advantage of turning to Ignyt to provide a professional marketing strategist is that you will get the services of an executive-level manager for a fraction of the cost incurred if you were to employ them directly. Almost inevitably, developing and implementing a marketing strategy that will transform your marketing requires high-level input, but not on a full-time, permanent basis. This is where out-sourcing your marketing role to us can be invaluable – your organisation gets all the benefits of a highly experienced strategist without the hefty price tag.

An outside eye will spot your difference

There are two pivotal factors that play a determining role in marketing success:

  • one is the level of customer understanding and awareness your organisation has
  • the other is the unique difference your brand makes.

What does your brand offer which others don’t?

The ability to answer this question determines what it is that’s going to provide optimal appeal to your customers, beyond what the competition is offering. Our marketing expertise provides the “outside eye” that can help you see your organisation and what it has to offer accurately.

Customised solutions tailored to the needs of your business

Each business requires a specific marketing solution in order to get the best return on their investment. With a wide knowledge of the various marketing techniques and models available, an outside provider like Ignyt has the knowledge necessary to create a tailored strategy that’s focused on your specific requirements. Not only do we know what’s possible, but we also have a good idea of what can be achieved within your budget.

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Outsourcing allows fast integration and forward action

Not only is the calibre of professional assistance you receive likely to be far higher than you can expect to obtain through recruiting on a budget, but the professionals you gain access to will also be skilled in rapidly understanding the needs of your organisation and responding accordingly. With plenty of experience in working flexibly and responsively to deliver high impact input, the team involved with your organisation will be able to hit the ground running when it comes to delivering the marketing outcomes you want to see

An outsourced resource can be scaled as your organisation evolves

Almost inevitably, changes in workload aren’t always mirrored by staff capacity. In a marketing team, for example, there may be some periods when a large amount of resource is needed (for example, in developing the launch of a new product or during a re-branding period), and other times where only limited input is required. The beauty of outsourced marketing provision is that it can be altered to fit the changing needs of your organisation. Variable contracts and the opportunity for regular renegotiating ensures access to the right amount of marketing resource for your needs. In addition, there’s no need to shell out for recruitment fees, provide staff training, or offer lengthy induction input: a professional team can be adding value from the minute your contract with them is signed

Ignyt: complete marketing solution

Ignyt comprises a team of highly qualified and experienced marketing professionals with the capacity to deliver on a wide range of marketing projects. Equally at home leading sophisticated strategy creation as providing higher-level training to equip your marketing employees with the skills they need to give your organisation a competitive edge, the Ignyt agency is all about creating digital success for your business. With a passion for creative solutions, delivered in a way which keeps your staff briefed, consulted and on board with the development of marketing which works, Ignyt can provide assistance and support for all parts of the marketing process. Providing unique support which is geared to what you need to thrive, Ignyt is able to work effectively with SMEs in any sector

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