Earned Channels

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Getting creative with your brand can really pay off when it comes to earned channels marketing. Utilising created content, branded marketing and PR, we help to make your brand bigger than ever in all the best ways. For digital marketing that really makes an impact, it’s all about the content: and we’re here to create exactly what you need for brand and sales success. At Ignyt, our professional services are all about making digital marketing work for you. That means using even trick in the book to help your brand get where it needs to be. From SEO to branded content, PR to social listening, our top goal is to make your brand number one

Here’s how we do it:

1. SEO

Great SEO can make or break your digital marketing. So, when it comes to getting the research done, planning a strategy, and producing high-quality content, working with the experts is the best move you can make. With powerful, effective optimisation, your brand is far more likely to be seen by all the right people, encouraging sales and improving brand awareness in the process.

Why SEO? Because search engines and potential customers alike get the benefit of well-done optimisation. From improving the user experience to helping you climb the rankings ladder, SEO is a tool that shouldn’t be underestimated when it comes to your marketing plans.

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2. Brand Content

Whatever your specific niche or industry, content is always king for your digital marketing strategy. When used correctly, great content can make a whole world of difference for your brand. Attracting customers, improving sales and making your brand look bigger and better than any of your competitors.

From blog content to website copy, social media posts to infographics, branded content provides the recipe for marketing success. Put your branded content in our experienced hands, and we’ll soon have your brand looking better than ever.

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3. PR Social Listening

Finding new opportunities and getting your brand out there means getting outside your comfort zone. Both social listening and PR offer powerful ways to increase your scope, avoid potential problems and forge new opportunities for your business. By understanding your market better, you’re setting yourself up for success; and that’s exactly what our team helps you to do.

Utilising our PR and social listening expertise, we keep our ears to the ground and help your brand succeed in an increasingly crowded industry. By giving your business the edge, we ensure you’re always ahead of the curve – and ready for whatever happens next.

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Interested in our earned channels digital marketing services? If you like the sound of our expert services at Ignyt, getting in touch with us is the first step to a bright future for your brand.

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