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Ignyt brings experience of curating and creating premium brand content to suit a wide range of audiences and business sectors, as a well established agency.

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Used correctly, content has the power to absolutely revolutionise your marketing. Whilst there are numerous ways in which an online presence can be adjusted so that it attracts greater awareness and allows more high-level conversations between potential customers and the brand, content is probably the single most important consideration. As a well-established marketing agency, Ignyt brings experience of curating and creating premium content to suit a wide range of audiences and business sectors. With a good knowledge of current content marketing trends, we are ideally placed to provide the content you need (including branded content) to forge ahead.

What is branded content ?

Branded content is content which is commissioned or created by a brand which doesn’t necessarily mention the brand or its products, but which complements the brand, or sends out powerful positive messages about it. Branded content can be used on the brand’s site or social media, or delivered through other sites.

What types of branded content are there?

Branded content can appear in many different guises. It can relate to any form of content paid for by a brand, so the choice is enormous! Their format can range from a simple blog post, right the way through to a white paper (a higher level paper or document that offers in-depth information and research on a particular topic).

Here are some of the most common examples of branded content out there:

Blog posts

A perennial marketing favourite, blog posts are a mainstay of branded content. Informative, engaging blogs can cover a wide range of topics, from current issues through to lifestyle topics, technical reports and more.

White papers

Containing higher-level information, which may even be accompanied by the results of commissioned research, white papers offer an insightful and influential take on a particular issue or problem.


To get complex information across quickly, an infographic is invaluable. Infographics contain graphical or pictorial data to convey complex messages.

A quiz

A great way of engaging customers, quizzes entertain and inform at the same time.


Although a video is a popular option that has a significant positive effect on engagement, if it’s not designed correctly, it could slow loading times. With expertise in providing memorable videos for our clients, we are also able to make sure your site isn’t slowed or otherwise compromised by a video upload.


although podcasts are used less frequency, they are actually a popular choice with customers, and also have the ability to convey large amounts of complex information quickly and in an engaging manner.


Brands that get ahead are ones that offer their customers more. If written authoritatively, an e-book can provide customers with significant added value. If you are considering offering an e-book, it’s worth employing a talented writer with a thorough understanding of your brand and also the subject matter that you want covering. Like any other content, if it’s going to achieve its aim, an e-book needs to be well-written and genuinely informative.

What are the benefits of branded content?

Like any other content, the value which branded content brings depends on its relevance, calibre and appropriateness for the intended audience. What works well for one brand is going to be less effective for another. Ignyt are able to work with you to pinpoint your audience’s characteristics: this data can be used to inform content creation, which ensures it’s carefully tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Some of the key benefits of branded content include:

1. How can Ignyt help you enjoy better branded content?

Although the concept of branded content is fairly simple, providing content that delivers what’s needed can be a challenge. At Ignyt, we have a passion for creating high-grade, tailored content that’s curated with your needs, and those of your target audience, in mind. We offer a complete marketing solution, which means we are able to create your content within the context of wider marketing considerations. As a versatile, multi-faceted organisation, we are able to create the content you need in isolation, or provide it as part of a suite of other measures intended to transform your marketing landscape.

Offering the services of a team consisting of senior marketing experts with decades of experience between them, Ignyt is the perfect partner to outsource some or all of your marketing activity to. Whether you need outsourced marketing director assistance, training, marketing strategy formulation or help with operational marketing matters, we can deliver the high-grade, competitively priced results you’re looking for.

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