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The world of marketing has come a long way over the past decade. New automation technologies allow marketing campaigns to be created quickly and deployed more effectively than ever before. What’s more, results can be measured in real-time, giving you greater confidence to deploy campaigns in the future.

So what exactly is marketing automation and how can it be used to benefit your company?

What is marketing automation ?

Put simply, marketing automation is the use of an array of tools and technologies to automate time-consuming and often repetitive marketing tasks.

Automation tools can help measure campaign performance, improve targeting and automate transactions. This frees up time to work on more productive aspects of building effective marketing campaigns such as strategy planning, journey mapping and customer persona development.

5 ways marketing automation can benefit your business:

1. Boost productivity

Many tasks marketers have to carry out are both time-consuming and repetitive. Computers are much more efficient at doing this type of work than humans and they are less prone to making mistakes.

So why not assign repetitive jobs to a machine and free up time for your marketers to spend on more imaginative tasks which cannot be done easily by a computer.

Key tasks that can be automated include customer segmentation, audience engagement, email automation, newsletter sign-up, content delivery, media scheduling, social outreach, A/B split testing, campaign reporting and engagement workflows.

2. Improve efficiency and ROI

The larger your organisation becomes, the harder it is to keep track of data. Even a small marketing campaign can generate huge amounts of data which needs to be processed if the campaign is to continue performing. Processing such data manually is not only time consuming, it’s also expensive.

Implementing simple marketing automation strategies can help reduce the need to continually monitor and update data across multiple platforms. Most automation software integrates easily with other systems, reducing the need to input data manually.

The net result is reduced labour costs, while simultaneously improving the ROI of your campaigns.

3. Enable targeted messaging and personalization

One of the biggest benefits of marketing automation is the ability to gain greater insights into your audience’s behaviour. A deeper understanding of your customers’ needs allows you to deliver more personalised marketing material which will prove much more effective at converting them into customers.

For example, integrating your CRM suite with your email marketing software allows you to create segmented email campaigns to target customers at different stages of the buying cycle, while prospective customers can be sent different emails from existing ones.

4. Real-time campaign data

Measuring the performance of your marketing campaigns is key to improving ROI. But when using traditional methods, measuring the effectiveness of campaigns is extremely difficult, if not impossible. This leaves you guessing as to which campaign is the most effective.

Marketing automation strategies can help you see which campaigns are performing and more importantly, which ones are not. Key metrics such as click-through rates, email open rates and conversion rates can all be easily monitored in real-time.

5. Enhance customer acquisition and retention

Marketing automation doesn’t just help you attract more customers, it can also help retain existing ones. Research shows that it is five times more expensive to attract a new customer than to retain an existing one. So it makes sense to look after your existing customers. Email segmentation can help here but automation allows you to go much deeper than that.

How Ignyt can help ?

If you are looking to deploy marketing automation strategies to help streamline your marketing but don’t know where to start, we can help by creating an implementation and deployment plan for your business. This process starts by examining your existing marketing funnels to identify which automation strategies can be deployed quickly and cost-effectively.

Data collection

Then we will examine what customer data you currently hold to identify information which can be used to generate new leads and increase conversions. In some cases, we may recommend new data is collected which can be used to qualify leads more accurately.


Next, we will look at segmenting your data so that you can deliver more personalised messages to your customers. Typically we start by segmenting data into pre-conversion and post-conversion segments, but this will depend on the complexity of your existing marketing funnel.

Pre-conversion automation focuses on delivering content to persuade new customers to take action. Post-conversion automation focuses on delivering great service and upselling additional products or services which they may find useful.


Finally, we will train your team members on how to manage the systems put in place. Because no matter how sophisticated your marketing automation is, it will only keep on delivering positive ROI if it is managed and maintained effectively.

If implemented properly, marketing automation systems deliver positive ROI very quickly. So if you would like more information about streamlining your marketing efforts by deploying cost-effective marketing automation solutions, get in touch with the marketing automation experts at Ignyt today.

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