Organic search refers to the unpaid results that come up when you type in a query on a search engine. Learn more about organic search with Ignyt.

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Why is Organic search ?

Organic search refers to the unpaid results that come up when you type in a query on a search engine. (The most widely used being Google, of course.) This is in contrast to the paid search results that also show up, which are the result of PPC (pay-per-click) auction-based advertising.

Queries can be a single term or a string of terms, also known as short-tail, and long-tail keywords. The search engine then produces Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) using its own algorithm, which sorts the results into a particular order.

Why is it beneficial ?

One of the main reasons organic search is beneficial is the fact that you don’t have to pay every time someone clicks on the link to your website. Ranking highly organically also shows potential customers or clients that your business is legitimate, respected and trustworthy. After all, if the search engine is valuing your site, then that’s a big indication to the user that they should also trust you.

There is a whole industry called SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) built around improving businesses’ organic positions in the search rankings, mostly focusing on Google. This is crucial because effective SEO can help you target the specific queries that are the most relevant to your business.

How Ignyt can help ?

IGNYT is a group of digital marketers who can offer a range of solutions to improve your organic search rankings and bring more visibility to your products or services.

You may have attempted SEO yourself and aren’t seeing the results you’d like, or perhaps you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? Maybe you simply don’t have the time to optimise your site. In any of these cases, outsourcing your SEO to smart internet marketing professionals like us can be a great option.

From link-building to keyword research, and informative, helpful content that will help improve your page quality, we offer a range of options that will get your business ranking higher on search engines, and ultimately get more eyes on your website.

Many companies offer shortcuts to organic search success, but you need to be wary of “black hat” techniques that search engines like Google may punish you for. In the past, some sites would have success by spamming keywords throughout the website or getting paid links from poor quality sites. That kind of thing doesn’t fly these days and can hurt rather than help your rankings.

You should be wary of any company that offers to get you ranking at the top of Google in an extremely short time period. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

That doesn’t mean keywords aren’t important, but they need to be used sparingly and inserted naturally into the website content when relevant. With our high-quality SEO content, we can make your site helpful to both search engines and users themselves.

Through keyword research, we can identify the best search terms to rank for, which will be the most relevant and profitable to your business. The rest of the on-page SEO strategy will be geared towards optimising your site and helping it rank higher for these queries.

Our link-building strategies will help get inbound links from respected websites, helping to improve your domain authority in the eyes of search engines and get you appearing higher in search results than competitors in your industry.

Using our varied skill set, IGNYT has helped companies double and triple in size. If you’re looking for a digital marketing solution that will directly improve your bottom line, then we’d love to help. Outsourcing your new marketing director could be just what you need to take the next step.

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