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What exactly is display and retargeting when it comes to advertising? And how can it benefit your business? Find out with Ignyt digital.

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In these challenging and uncertain economic times, it is very difficult to convince businesses to spend money on marketing, let alone spend money across multiple avenues. Lots of companies hope that there is a single solution for all their marketing needs, and try to put all their eggs into one basket. However, advertising works in a multi-pronged approach. It is important to spread out marketing dollars to touch as much of your potential customer base as possible.

Combining multiple advertising approaches creates an exponential wave of responses. Consider it like this: direct emails tend to have a response rate of around 1%. Sending more and more emails won’t necessarily yield you better results (in fact, it might tire your audience). However, when paired with other forms of advertising, like display and retargeting ads, you can increase your response rate significantly.

Display ads

Display ads are those ads that appear in panels and banners on websites, video channels, social media, blogs etc. They are a form of graphic advertising that often has images, and other rich and eye-catching media. These are paid ads and can be targeted by demographics, geographical location and consumer behaviour. These days the algorithms used to target ads is very advanced, and display ads can help you connect directly to your target audience.


Of course, just because someone sees your ad, doesn’t mean they will buy your product or service. Most contacts don’t lead to immediate engagement. Retargeting allows businesses to re-engage those who have visited a site within the network of the display ad, giving them another chance to convert. This technology is increasingly popular across online platforms and delivers customised display ads for things that have recently been searched for, reinforcing the consumers’ desire for the goods or service. This is an extremely effective way of advertising.

The benefits of display and retargeting

There are so many reasons to use display and retargeting ads. An obvious benefit is the ability to effectively target your desired audience. Remarketing allows you to put your ads back in front of people who might have visited your website in the past, your mobile app, or those who have interacted with your business. You can create messages that directly engage them… think of those ads that you see that mention ‘still looking for XYZ’ or those that welcome you back. These are people who are likely to enlist your services or buy from you because they have already shown interest in your business.

How Ignyt can help ?

If all of this is sounding great, and you are ready to incorporate display and retargeting ads into your marketing campaigns, it is important to speak to a professional first. The technology and metrics that operate the engines that deliver these ads can be complex, and it can be easy to miss large portions of your desired audience if not executed correctly. We can walk you through every step of the process, and manage the campaigns for you.

If you have questions about display and retargeting ads, or would like to talk about which options are best for you and your budget, don’t hesitate in contacting the expert team at Ignyt today.

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