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At Ignyt, our outsourced marketing director service is designed to allow business owners and founders to focus on what matters most.

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One of the most common reasons businesses fail when trying to scale up is the absence of in-depth expertise and experience in critical functions . While many realise they need this help, employing a full-time employee to head these functions will raise business overheads. At a time when the business requires more of the owners’ and founders’ time, dealing with competing demands can add to the stress. Don’t be distracted by this dilemma.

At Ignyt, our outsourced marketing director service is designed to allow business owners and founders to focus on what matters most. We help you with:

New challenges and opportunities abound as your business scales up. The competition is keener too. Marketing must move in tandem with these increased expectations. Do not allow the lack of in-depth expertise and experience impede your business’ progress. Outsourcing the marketing director’s role will enable your business to raise its game to meet new expectations.

What are the benefits of engaging Ignyt as your outsourced marketing director?.

1. Agile marketing

Marketing is a highly dynamic activity. Thanks to digital technology, you can respond to changes promptly. Ad copies can be re-written, offers or promotions can be tweaked in response to the take-up rate or re-targeting implemented quickly. Sometimes these changes require C-suite level involvement. It’s hard to imagine business owners or founders, with their other responsibilities, deciding and acting swiftly. Today, agile marketing is the buzzword. But it requires dedicated personnel to oversee your business’ marketing function.

2. Consistency

In most industries and sectors, marketing is a noisy and cluttered space. Interestingly, the decibels are added by incoherent or multiple messages sent to your target audience. When this happens, it’s a clear sign inconsistency is present in your marketing efforts. This risks confusion and dilution of your brand proposition. Consistency is a critical ingredient in marketing effectiveness. Engaging a dedicated marketing director is a step towards ensuring consistency in your marketing activities.

3. Marketing with strategy

Without a strategy, your marketing can appear haphazard and ad-hoc. You might have gotten away with it in the growing up phase of your business. But when you are competing in the premier league in your industry, the absence of a strategy in your marketing can be apparent and debilitating. One of our outsourced marketing directors will fill this gap. It’ll likely lead to better execution of your marketing too. In addition, you can hold your marketing director accountable to the goals of the strategy.

4. Fresh perspectives

An outsourced marketing director can bring fresh perspectives to the challenges and opportunities at hand. Unlike existing personnel in the company, they’ll be looking at challenges and opportunities with a fresh pair of eyes and an open mind. Add their experience in the discipline as well as in other industries or sectors, and they can serve as a catalyst to facilitate out-of-the-box thinking. This can be difficult to achieve when things are looked at from a familiar lens.

5. Immediate access to proven ideas

Your ideal marketing director has probably a few wins under his belt. In their knowledge bank is a list of what works and doesn’t work. To this end, you’ll be able to gain access to proven ideas. They might need to be modified to suit the goals at hand, but you’ll be saving precious time and costs looking for ideas to take your marketing off the ground. In a highly competitive business environment, timeliness is a competitive advantage in itself.

6. Low overheads

As you scale-up your business, it is important to prioritise your expenses. Staying financially prudent is key in the process. To this end, keeping your overheads low will be essential. An outsourced marketing director from Ignyt does not bring with him or her other expenses such as compensation benefits, perks or taxes. It is largely confined to a contractual fee over a fixed period of time. Hence, it can be less costly than a full-time salaried marketing director.

How Ignyt can help

Our methodical process takes away the anxieties of outsourcing business functions. All parties must follow a single playbook, which we will craft together with the client at the start. We’ve listed the steps in the process here:

Through interviews and workshops with internal stakeholders, we gather information and insights pertaining to:

  1. A profile of your target audience
  2. Defining your audience’s problem and a solution your business offers
  3. Clarifying your business’ competitive edge
  4. Reviewing your current marketing activities

By taking marketing off the hands of owners and founders, we create the space for them to utilise their core competence to take the business to the next level. In addition to getting the marketing tasks at hand done, we will explore and identify future marketing directions. These can be overwhelming and confusing, but as your outsourced marketing director, we are in the position to make relevant recommendations to take your business forward. To learn more about our services, connect here.

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