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Content that’s optimised for SEO is critical to digital marketing success. Ignyt has a wealth of experience in SEO across all sectors. Discover SEO with Ignyt.

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Online content that’s optimised for SEO is critical to digital marketing success. While this statement undoubtedly encapsulates one of the fundamental truths of online marketing, what’s less clear is exactly what SEO is and how it can benefit your business. Here’s where we can help. As an experienced digital marketing agency, Ignyt has a wealth of experience in SEO across all sectors. Read on to discover what SEO is; the various types of SEO; the benefits of SEO; methods of optimising your content; and why SEO is just the start of the marketing story.

What is SEO ?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. When individuals enter a search term into a search engine such as Google, Bing or Yahoo, the search engine does what the name suggests, “searching” the Internet for the content which most closely matches the search term. A search engine does this through the use of algorithms: complex, sophisticated sets of rules which enable the search to hone in on the content which is most relevant. Optimising content for search engines requires it to be crafted in such a way that it satisfies the maximum number of search engine rules (or requirements).

Why do I need strong SEO?

While it’s obvious that optimised content for search engine algorithms is going to return more highly in the search rankings than content which has been crafted without taking account of SEO requirements, there are a number of additional reasons why SEO is key to success:

Increased traffic

The most obvious benefit of good SEO is that your site is going to attract more visitors.

A better customer experience

Part of high-grade SEO work involves tweaking sites so that they are as user-friendly as possible. This helps to ensure every individual that clicks on your site ends up with a premium experience.

The higher up your organisation appears in searches, the more likely it is to be trusted by users

As well as factors over which you have direct control, such as loading times and content, algorithms will also track mentions of your organisation elsewhere. Testimonials, recommendations, reviews and comments on your brand will also be flagged up and factor into your ranking. The better the customer experience, the more likely you are to gather positive feedback, which in turn will enhance your rankings. This is highly likely to give you better exposure and more customers. A positive spiral of this nature takes time to establish but delivers long-term business benefits.

Enhanced CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) as well as SEO

By making the user experience as good as it can be, you’re not just improving traffic, you’re also paving the way to enhancing conversion rates. It’s not enough that you receive visitors, they also need to be engaging in the type of behaviour you want to see more of. Whether it’s leaving their contact details, asking for further information, buying your product or leaving feedback, great SEO paves the way for improved CRO.

Measurable benefits

One of the major advantages of investing in SEO is that companies can see a measurable difference as a result. Although it can sometimes take a few weeks before changes in site stats begin to appear, over a few months it should be possible to see quantifiable changes in traffic and customer behaviour. This information is vital to inform future SEO activity, as well as calculate the ROI your marketing budget has achieved.

A long-term strategy for success

Although SEO work takes a while to bear fruit, once it does, there is frequently a snowball effect. Work that’s put in weeks or months ago will start to be recognised in the site stats, as well as in bottom-line changes. If you want to invest in marketing that will keep adding value after the initial cost, SEO is one of the best options to pursue.

The various types of SEO

Within the umbrella term “SEO”, there are a number of different types and options. In the first instance, business owners or marketing departments considering paying more attention to their SEO will need to be aware of black hat, grey hat and white hat SEO.

Black hat SEO

This involves the use of dubious SEO techniques which aren’t in line with search engine guidelines. Typical strategies include cloaking (which is where the URL the search engine picks up isn’t the same as the URL users pick up); keyword stuffing (so potentially using poor quality text which is absolutely crammed with keywords, using keywords as images and similar); doorway pages (which is where a number of different URLs are set up, which at first appear to be advertising separate companies, but actually link through to the same company); and reporting a competitor in an attempt to discredit them. None of these actions is actually illegal, and the strategies do work, at least in the short-term, but there is always the risk you could be penalised by search engines.

On-page, off-page and technical SEO ?

While there are a number of SEO subsets, particularly within the “off-page” branch of SEO, essentially there are three main ways of creating SEO optimised online space.

Seven bullet-proof ways to optimise your content

1. Pick the right keywords

This is actually a complex process which is far more challenging than it appears at first sight. There are a variety of software packages and applications which can provide some clues. Ultimately, however, a skilled SEO expert will be able to identify phrases which define your unique business, enabling it to stand out from the crowd based on its individual attributes.

2. Provide exceptional content

In-page SEO success hinges on the use of premium content. Information that’s of genuine interest to your customer base, presented in a format that grabs and holds their attention is a key driver of search engine recognition. Regular updates are also essential, ensuring content is current and relevant.

3. Optimise your images

Content continues to become increasingly image-rich, as businesses realise the value of visual marketing over text. Without proper attention, images can slow loading times, as well as be under-utilised through careless tagging or under-valued headings.

4. Links are crucial

As well as outside links, it’s also important to maximise internal links. These are links which take the reader to different parts of your site, encouraging further engagement as well as helping prospective customers to swiftly find what they’re looking for. There is a wide range of different link types, as well as a number of different link creation methods. Skilled SEO professionals will get to know your company well, enabling them to come up with a customised SEO plan that’s geared to your enterprise.

5. Ensure responsiveness

With more people than ever before using their mobile phones to access the Internet, it goes without saying that a responsive site is more likely to end up getting more views and attention.

6. Check your headers , tags, metas and URLs

These short pieces of text can make a big difference to your site’s visibility.

7. Customer feedback matters

Whether it’s through social media, testimonials, review sites or survey results, positive feedback can absolutely transform your rankings. The more positive ratings you can attract, the more people are likely to click through to your site, which means (hopefully) more positive ratings. If you’re attracting the right customers and giving them the experience they crave, your rankings are highly likely to rise.

With so many benefits, it’s little wonder that SEO is often placed at the heart of a successful marketing strategy. Although its importance cannot be underestimated, SEO alone is not going to be enough to guarantee marketing success. In most cases, there is first a need for a thorough evaluation of your business, identifying its target audience, as well as what makes it special. Accompanied by an audit of your current marketing strategies and portals, a professional marketing expert will work with you to come up with a far-reaching strategy that’s intended to achieve your chosen goals. This will include not only SEO work but also attention to other areas of marketing which are going to have a significant impact on raising awareness of your brand.

Ongoing assistance from Ignyt

Like many other pieces of marketing, SEO isn’t a one-off process. Rather, it forms part of a longer-term, ongoing strategy to optimise your brand, ensuring it stays ahead of the competition. Ignyt provides high-level marketing expertise, which can be used as a stand-alone outsourced resource, or in synchronicity with your in-house team. With expertise in a diverse range of marketing options, as well as a wealth of knowledge regarding strategy creation, Ignyt is also able to provide operational capacity, as well as train others on SEO and related topics. We are dedicated to providing our customers with SEO support that delivers measurable outcomes against agreed objectives. By putting in place sound SEO now, your business will have a firm basis for future growth and development.

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